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As with most galleries the Medeiros Gallery is able to offer it's art work to the public.   We are very
fortunate to go through a company called
(Finer Works.com) who can provide printing services at
competitive prices using the highest quality of materials and printing technology.    Or contact The
Medeiros Gallery if you desire to purchase an original painting. With the quality of each art piece set
at a high standard, we are confident your purchase will stand as an excellent investment serving you
with many years of enjoyment and artistic prominence.

Photo images featured within the gallery can be *purchased and tailored to your specific needs.  
Prices range from $50 to $500 currently depending on cost of material, printing services, and
demand or market value.  Also by contacting
the Medeiros Gallery to request your specific needs, we
will do the best we can to help serve you but we are limited to the following:
 * (Note: Some images may be
subject to commercial rights & cannot be sold - only for viewing within this website)

  • Sizes from 8 X 8  to  32 X 60 inches
  • Print on Canvas or Paper
  • Shipped to the destination requested
  • Framing recommendations  (See below)
(The above subject to change)
Why The Medeiros Gallery?
  • Original prints by Professional Artist and Photographer
  • Giclee prints from Finer Works.com  exceptional service
  • Prints of the highest quality material and technology
  • YOUR purchase and ownership is an investment
  • Service is paramount to us
If your choice is not available for print please contact us and we
will do everything we can to get your print to you.

Learn more about the quality and technology of your prints We
recommend after you receive your print(s) you'll need to frame it
immediately or put it into a safe place to preserve it and keep your
investment like the day you bought it..

Information about Picture Frames

Learn more about Digital Photography

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