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David grew up and went to school in San Juan bautista. His talent as an artist was
discovered at a very early age where his drawing skills impressed and earned
admiration from his teachers at the age of six. A graduate of San Benito High School,
he went on to earn several art degrees at Gavilan College and the University of
California, Santa Cruz. David’s heart has always been within the Central Coast area
and still lives in San Juan Bautista. Aside from raising a family his art work through the
years continued to progress until within the last ten years he took up digital
photography and created this website where you can see an excellent array and
variety of his digital photography images and paintings displayed. David currently
devotes most of his time doing watercolor paintings of every day scenes, primarily of
the central California coast area. His love is for landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes,
architecture, and an occasional portrait can be seen on his ever changing website or
displayed at local businesses and galleries. Many of his photo images are washed
almost entirely in rich bright colors that are more of an impression than expressive and
yet on occasion colors and composition become more complex, expressive, minimal,
and abstract. He also explores and celebrates the technology of digital photography
by processing all of his finished images on his own personal computer and
occasionally the prints are framed in his studio.
Since 2004 he has been traveling locally looking for his next image to bring to the
computer or studio to be painted and sometimes will take someone along to teach art
and digital photography.
I see in my work as a desire to make each photo image not a photograph at all, but a
drawing, a painting, or a montage of common objects or theme revealing something
altogether new on paper or canvas. Whether by pencil or paint brush or digital
camera, It all comes together in celebration and exploration of our world and nature,
seeking balance, symmetry, design, and expressions; an image captured and never
resting as something new waits to be created. You’ll find my finished art pieces filled
with what interest me; history, people, nature, beauty, the religious, the sublime or just
being out somewhere amid bright colors, simple, calm, an environmental reflection and
pause, fragrant, even abstract, but always in homage to fine art.
David plans to expand his art into other mediums in support of his digital images such
as drawings, acrylic and water color paintings. Whatever his art maybe in the future,
today his work displays his love and passion for those things close to him and
recreating them into a selective art piece certainly comes down to a byproduct of his
imagination and providing a pleasant artistic invitation to many of his visual patrons.

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